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Made in God’s Likeness & Image Policy

Because St. Rose of Lima School students are made in the image and likeness of God we will:

  1. Provide additional support and intervention to any student in need.

  2. Never turn away a student due to inability to pay tuition.

  3. Revise and edit homework according to family need and provide at school tutoring.

  4. Not tolerate derogatory statements or humor targeting race, gender, culture, or income level.

  5. Not accept or make excuses for students who are behind, blaming it on language, gender, income, culture, or race. We will intervene to assure the child in front of us becomes the exception to the statistic.

  6. Check all student discipline data, ensuring one language, income, culture, race, or learning level is not overrepresented. Asking ourselves, “Do I personally target certain genders, races, abilities… when I discipline?”

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