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At St. Rose of Lima Catholic School, we value our Catholicism and traditions above all other things. Our Catholic faith is the means by which we live out our relationship with God. Our school uniforms are our first opportunity to make an impression on those who see us, and as such are the most apparent expression of our commitment to modesty, safety, and a distraction-free learning environment.

The Basics

Shirts: Navy or white, long or short sleeved collared shirt, knit polo shirts from French Toast are permitted in all grades. Peter Pan collars are acceptable for girls.

Pants: Standard slack cut, plain dark navy or khaki cotton twill pants.

Shorts: Dark navy or khaki twill walking shorts (no shorter than 2” above knee) are permitted from the first day of school until October 31st and then again after Spring Break until the last day of school.

Jumpers or Skirts: Girls in grades K - 6 – French Toast Plaid Jumpers (Navy/Red option), dark navy or khaki are approved.

Socks / Shoes: Socks should be solid navy, black, grey or white only. Socks must be worn, and must be visible above shoe. Students are required to wear shoes that are safe, non-distracting and appropriate for school. Sturdy, fully enclosed, non-skid shoes are appropriate.

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