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Associated Student Body

Saint Rose ASB está compuesto por doce estudiantes, un asesor y dos asesores asistentes. Los estudiantes ocupan los siguientes cargos: presidente, vicepresidente, secretario, tesorero, 2 fotógrafos y representantes de clase de los grados primero a sexto. Las elecciones se llevan a cabo en el otoño. Los estudiantes crean carteles de campaña y dan discursos de campaña al cuerpo estudiantil. Los estudiantes en los grados 1-6 votan y luego se anuncian los resultados a la escuela.

St. Rose ASB promotes activities for all St. Rose students, academic excellence, and collaboration among students, families and staff.

The group meets once or twice a month during their lunch break to discuss business which may include past and prospective projects and activities. The ASB meetings follow the format of Roberts Rules of Order. Each student receives a copy of an Agenda for the meeting, as well as a copy of the minutes of the last meeting and a current financial report. The group is presented announcements, as well as old and new business and discussions follow. Following the reading and approval of the minutes, the Financial Report is given. 
Each year, the ASB conducts fund-raisers and activities to raise funds which may then be used to make purchases for the benefit of Saint Rose School and/or its programs.
Fundraisers include:
• ASB booth at Christmas Bazaar
• Krispy Kreme Donuts Sale
• Coconut Crawl Ice Cream/Popsicle Booth
• Shirt sale
• Yearbook Orders Sale

The ASB has used funds as follows:
• Pay for rental and purchase water for two water stations in the school both during and after COVID
• Purchase of a large American flag for the flagpole
• Paid a portion of all-school field trips, such as Roller Skating and Bowling, following Catholic Schools Week
• Provided incentive awards for classes following Catholic Schools Week and other activities
• Purchased cards for scanning for the Jr. Jogger program
• Purchased basketball rims for the outdoor playground
• Purchased playground balls for outdoor use and the P.E. program
• Purchased scooters for the P.E. program
• Purchased paint for the school library
• Donated funds towards purchase of items for teachers’ classrooms
Other all school activities include:
• Annual Fall Food Drive
• Christmas Candy Guess
• Decorating teachers’ doors during Catholic Schools Week

ASB Advisors
Rhiannon Fronsman
Julia Hubbard
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